About Us

Who We Are

Baitul Jannah Islamic Centre (BJIC) is a Masjid in the heart of Scarborough (Toronto), serving a large and diverse Muslim community. Our mission is to establish a permanent Islamic presence in Scarborough (Toronto) with a Masjid and facilities to meet the religious, social and intellectual needs of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Our History

2012:      Baitul Jannah Islamic Centre (BJIC) established in july 2012.

2013:      A team of brothers who were devoted to Islam had a dream. This dream was to spread the spirit and knowledge of Islam and inviting people into this perfect faith.

2014:      By working with the limited manpower and recourses however, the brothers knew they needed to establish an Islamic centre where they would have the proper space, materials and manpower in order to fulfill their dream of Da’wah work among the Non-Muslims.

2015:      We have the pleasure to announce that Baitul Jannah Islamic Center (BJIC) has signed an agreement for the purchase of its permanent premises, located in Scarborough. Alhamdulillah.